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SOPROFI offers conclusions based on a unique,
forward-looking approach, providing risk takers with a basis
for formulating a financial strategy and plan of action.




A fter seven years at the head of a major Paris financial analysis bureau, Alain Fiorucci joins the Renault group to help create Renault Credit International, its international credit division.

Directs and develops the financial management department of an industrial group in the vanguard of its sector in Europe. CEO of Renault Acceptance BV, a non-bank bank at which he sharpens his expertise in international financing and banking accords. With responsibility for 38 overseas branches, he has the opportunity to set up an array of different companies.

Moves to Citibank to widen banking experience. Director of treasury and foreign exchange for France and Monaco.

Creates his own financial forecasting and analysis company in 1989, with the backing of long established clients from previous posts.

The credibility of Soprofi is based on its top-ranking subscribers and their fidelity.

  A lain Fiorucci, born in September 1942, is a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and has a doctorate in international economics. He has continued his research into the behaviour of capital markets in the thirty years since taking his doctorate.

He makes regular trips to Washington DC for discussions on key topics of the day. His contacts are at various levels at the Fed, the US Treasury, the Budget Office, the Commerce and Labour department and the Council of Economic Advisers.

He presides at or takes part in numerous economics seminars in Paris and Washington, also contributes articles to the French and British press.