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SOPROFI offers conclusions based on a unique,
forward-looking approach, providing risk takers with a basis
for formulating a financial strategy and plan of action.

Publications & services  
1. Forecasting Reports :

A weekly economic review published in mid-week analysing questions of the moment and their consequences for the markets

A comprehensive monthly report evaluating market trends for the three months ahead. This contains SOPROFI’s own original market graphs aimed at giving clear and distinct form to the company’s forecasting outlook

Two basic background reports per year presenting economic and financial prospects and highlighting those variables likely to determine the way markets move

Spot reports on an ad hoc basis analysing a particularly significant economic occurrence or dealing with a precise issue

2. Meetings :

Two-to-three meetings per year for SOPROFI subscribers held in a top-class restaurant or hotel. These luncheon meetings provide the opportunity for a dialogue on SOPROFI’s original approach to the behaviour of the markets

Ad hoc meetings organised at the request of subscribers either in response to specific concerns or addressing the best ways in which market risks may be tackled