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SOPROFI offers conclusions based on a unique,
forward-looking approach, providing risk takers with a basis
for formulating a financial strategy and plan of action.


established in 1989, offers its customers a wide range of analysis for managing their financial investments and holdings. In an industry overwhelmed by information, SOPROFI offers conclusions based on a unique, forward-looking approach, providing risk takers with a basis for formulating a financial strategy and plan of action.

What is "The long-term ?"

When managing assets and liabilities, many managers prefer to have a "long-term" perspective.
A "long-term" phrase is usually based on an in-house decision to manage risks and returns over time according to the manager’s objectives and circumstances. But forecasting the behavior of markets is an entirely different matter. Forecasting market behavior does not offer managers the same kinds of choice:the risks of market fluctuations are the same for all participants, regardless of their objectives.

In fact a "long-term" view can be a dangerous distraction, at worst, wishful thinking. The dramatic market volatility of recent months stresses the importance of the short term. The long-term, is essentially, a series of short-terms. Too often, risk-takers see the short-term as random and unpredictable, and focus instead on the long-term. But SOPROFI believes that the further one looks into the future -toward the long-term - the less certain are predictions. Markets neither act randomly in the short run, nor do they consistently adhere to conventional rules. That is not to say that long-term objectives are irrelevant:insurance companies, for example, need to have such a view to succeed. But rather than focus on the long-term, SOPROFI’s goal is to offer realistic, practical conclusions on a revolving, quarterly basis. This is where SOPROFI targets its service. SOPROFI provides a strategy and a practical, ongoing explanation of market fluctuations to risk-takers.

SOPROFI’s analysis is different

SOPROFI’s analysis is based on a qualitative model of market valuations focused not on where markets are, but where they will go. Many analysts regard the market as they would a film, in a static rather than dynamic manner. They look at market results and attempt to judge whether the values determined by markets are "right" in relation to other variables. But markets, at any moment, are always "right" in that they always balance buyers and sellers. The question is not whether market prices are right, but whether they will next go up or down. For this reason, SOPROFI focuses on forecasting trends and timing, rather than starting by considering price levels.

What makes SOPROFI so sure ?

SOPROFI’s confidence lies in the fact that we have been able to construct a strong, effective approach to markets that allows our customers to distinguish between main and secondary influences. Our approach is qualitative, but incorporates sophisticated mathematical techniques with sound analytic judgment to describe the way markets move. Our strength lies in a dynamic approach that focuses not on static price levels, but on trends and timing.

SOPROFI’s work product has been tested over ten years. Its approach, unlike mechanical, quantitative models, has not had to be adjusted as conditions evolve. The track record of SOPROFI’s conclusions speaks for itself. Large corporations and institutions - both financial and non-financial - have been using our model for over ten years as part of their programs to manage exchange rate, stock indexes, and interest rates, allowing SOPROFI to succeed in an extremely competitive environment. We can make that same expertise and experience work for you.